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Safe holidays in Desenzano Del Garda: all information needed and preventive measures!

LinesCovid-19 Guide

Wide-open spaces and outdoor life are the essence of a camping holiday, and thanks to these characteristics, San Francesco Camping Village will be continuing to offer quality services this summer.
Please follow the indications on the signs, with information on prevention measures, paying particular attention to the use of masks in the common areas, staying at least 1 metre from others and the differentiation of entrance and exit routes.

1) Reception – Check in – Check out

Body temperature may be measured, and access may be denied to guests with a temperature of more than 37.5°C.
Check in online is highly reccommended, in order to swift our check in procedures. 
In order to avoid queues and crowds, we recommend that only one of the occupants enter the reception,  to ensure the appropriate distance of 1 metre is maintained.
Guests are recommended to make reservations, check in  online, to speed up the waiting time at the reception. In order to avoid queues, you can decide to leave your passports/id cards for check in and collect them later the same day, once settled on the pitch/mobile home.
Masks must be worn, and the use of hydro-alcoholic solutions placed outside and inside the reception is mandatory.

2) Pitches

The pitches are large enough to guarantee the required distance of 3 metres between the entrances of nearby vehicles if they are opposite each other and offer the possibility of an outdoor space for personal use of 1.5 metres from the nearby pitch.
Both outdoor and indoor furniture should be cleaned and disinfected.
Most of the pitches are equipped with water inlets and outlets, allowing for complete autonomy.

3) Mobile homes

The mobile homes are completely independent and spaced out from each other and have a large green space available for sunbathing.
The homes are cleaned thoroughly upon each arrival, with sanitising procedures also carried out on the air conditioning system and upholstery in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Authorities. Blankets will be available on request  at the reception, in oder to be sanitized properly.
Guests must maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from the occupants of the next mobile home.

4) Bathrooms

Please follow the signs with information on prevention measures and follow the separate routes marked.
At the entry points and inside the bathrooms, there are dispensers containing hydro-alcoholic solutions for cleaning hands and bathroom fittings. Masks must be worn in the bathrooms and a distance of 1 metre from others must be maintained, avoiding groups forming in the corridors and common areas of the washing and dishwashing areas.
10 bathrooms for private use may be booked, with shower, emotional lights, whirlpool and bathtub.
The bathrooms are cleaned several times a day by specialised personnel, using sanitising products and specific procedures in accordance with the indications of the Authorities.

5) Supermarket

In order to avoid queues and crowds, entry is allowed in an orderly, restricted manner.
A mask and gloves are mandatory for entry, and a distance of 1 metre must be maintained.
Hydro-alcoholic solutions are available for frequent hand hygiene.

6) Bar - Restaurant - Take away

Masks must be worn when not seated at the table.
Hydro-alcoholic solutions are available both outside and inside the premises s for hand sanitisation.
Booking is advised so that the tables can be arranged at the required distance of at least 1 metre between guests on the large terrace.
Body temperature may be measured, and access may be denied to guests with a temperature of more than 37.5°C.
Food and drink may be consumed at the bar counter, maintaining a distance of at least 1 metre between guests.
A service can be booked to deliver food and drink to the pitches and mobile homes.

7) Swimming pool

The pool is open with limited access, which must be booked and managed by our staff. A limited number of sun loungers and beach umbrellas are available, adequately spaced according to the Authority's instructions.
The swimming pool  is open with limited access on demand, and the in the pool's structure can host max. 230 persons with 4 square meters for each swimmer.
Sunbeds and parasols are available in limited number and at a right distance, according to the rules imposed and cannot be moved. 
Please follow the signs with information on prevention measures and follow the separate routes marked.
At the entry points and in the solarium area, there are dispensers of hydro-alcoholic solutions for hand hygiene.
Swimming caps are mandatory, and a  shower  must be taken before entering the pool. It is forbidden to spit, blow your nose and urinate in the water, and very young children must wear watertight nappies. Parents must supervise their children to ensure the spacing and hygienic and behaviour rules are followed.
Sun loungers are cleaned daily, at the end of the day.      
Regulatory checks on water quality and chlorine levels will be carried out.
Our Spray Park can be used as a swimming pool.

8) Beach / Pier

The beach is available to guests. A distance of at least 1 metre must be maintained between people, and 1.5 metres between sun loungers, deckchairs and chairs. Group gatherings and sports activities are forbidden. Children must be supervised.
Individual sports can be practised on the beach or in the water, maintaining the regulatory distancing measures.
The regulatory distancing measures must be observed along the wharf, and crowds are prohibited.
At the reception, on demand, can be booked pedalo boats and boat towing. 

9) Outdoor entertainment and physical activity

The entertainment staff are working to create outdoor games and physical activities for small groups that can be booked in advance, thus ensuring a 2-metre distance can be maintained.
Masks must be worn if a distance of 1 metre cannot be maintained.
Evening entertainment will always be organised outdoors, with a set number of seats.

10) Children's play areas

The play areas are accessible: parents are required to supervise their children so that a distance of 1 metre is maintained.
Parents and children over 6 years of age must wear masks.              
The surfaces of the play facilities are sanitised daily.
Dispensers with hydro-alcoholic solutions for hand hygiene are available, and must be used at the entrance and exit of the play area.

11) Gym

Entrance to the gym must be booked to ensure at least 2 metres between guests during physical activity.
Use footwear exclusively reserved for this purpose. Clothing and personal items must be stored in your own bag.
Dispensers with hydroalcoholic solutions for hand hygiene are available, and must be used at the entrance and exit of the gym.
After use by a guest, the equipment used is cleaned and disinfected.

12) Relax Area

Entry must be booked, for a maximum of 2 people from the same household.

13) Bicycle hire

Booking required. The use of a mask and gloves is mandatory.

14) Games room

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